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Tuesday, 25 October 2022

Surf Curse - Magic Hour


I Don't Hear A Single sees and hears so many bands that offer up brilliant Pop Rock albums, but know that their destiny is to still work day and in many cases second jobs to survive whilst the aim is to break even at best. For those bands, Los Angeles's Surf Curse show that their is hope.

Their fourth album is their major label debut and reveals isn't always a Guitar led genre that appeals to a declining audience. These four have a massive following. Nick Rattigan and Jacob Rubek add Bassist Henry Dillon and Noah Kholl’s on Guitar to both broaden the sound and the diversity.

The heart of Magic Hour sounds very second half of the 70s Pop Rock, a time when the genre was at the height of its popularity. Never more is that underlined than on the splendid Strange, a song that belongs fully to that period with its mellow effectiveness. 

However, the quartet use this base to expand the variety. Little Rock n Roller is bang on UK Glam Rock and yet No Tomorrows is moody and melancholic, a reminder of the likes of Jigsaw and Liverpool Express. The vocal on Randall Flagg is reminiscent of Nick Garvey Of The Motors.

Lost Honor has a killer New Wave riff throughout, but part way through turns into The Killers. Yet, Fear City adds a chaotic Sax to what is great New York Sleaze, almost a little Lou Reed. Sugar makes you want to March through the chorus.

Arrow is the single that grabbed everyone with its ace Power Pop and rightly so. TVI is another fine addition that starts all early 70s Strum and then blasts into something far more Punkier. But the real surprise is when Surf Curse go long.

Unwell is over 6 minutes and is magnificent Post Punk, a much heavier direction, without ever losing its melody. The Guitar work is wonderful ranging from noise to Classic Rock solos around an earworm riff and a Baroque Pop ending. What a top notch album! Highly Recommended!

You can listen to the full album on Soundcloud here and all the streaming holes. You can buy the album everywhere. You can find out more about Surf Curse here.


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