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Saturday 8 October 2022

Rob Moss and Skin-Tight Skin - Now With More Rockets


One of the advantages of the 31 Reviews in 31 Days is that I can stretch genres that little bit more, I constantly say that my home listening tastes are not necessarily always the same as I Don't Hear A Single. I've mention Psych and Prog as examples, but the odd time that includes Big Rock.

I was brought up on Classic Rock and turn it up to 11 stuff, but as I moved on, I played less and less as a much wider sphere grabbed my attention. However I have always been a sucker for such albums when they are particular well done and this is great,

Rob Moss was a member of both Artificial Peace and Government Issue in the Eighties, but this is a million miles away from Hardcore Punk. Now With More Rockets is Loud And Proud. A massive production just rocks the living daylights out of you. 

There are lots of comparison points, but I hear mainly Alice Cooper. Having said that the album gets a little Goth Rock at times and I certainly hear bits of Iggy. Moss has rounded up a splendid selection og Guest Lead Guitarists such as Sal Baglio, Gil Leigh, Bob Batch and Joey Cola and it shows.

The one problem with albums like this is that songs can get bloated as Guests try to dazzle you with their spanking of the plank. There's not a bit of that here as the 11 songs come in at just over 31 minutes, it really is do your bit and move on to the next song.

I'm On A Rocket Ship (Heading My Way Back Home) combines Hair Metal Glam and UK 70s Glam Rock with handclaps, a big Lead solo and fine Sax Break. There's even a fade out and in false ending. Rock 'n' Roll Ralphs is rocked up Power Pop and Richard Jewell is great popped up Metal.

Red Beans And Gasoline even ghosts House Of The Rising Sun and Rip Van Winkle 85 is great College Rock bordering Rhythm And Blues. For such a loud affair, the melody is surprisingly high and the choruses hook you completely. Now With More Rockets is an Absolute Blast!

You can listen to and buy the album here


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