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Sunday 30 October 2022

Futurebirds And Carl Broemel - Bloomin' Too


Athens Georgia's Futurebirds are a hard band to pin down. They are lumped in with the Jam Bands, more down to their live performances. They can be Psychedelic, but then there is the Pedal Steel and Country Twang. But that Indie Southern Rock vibe makes them too Rock for Country and Americana.

Their second collaboration with My Morning Jacket's Carl Broemel is an extension of the first, but seems even more focussed. There's a real laidback sound, almost melancholic at times, certainly moody. Songs at first listen appear to be off the cuff, but further listens reveal much more depth.

Buffet Days is a wonderful song and underlines the complexity of labelling. Starting as a piano led affair with a vocal drawl, but with added Country twang and a cosmic synth on the chorus. I make it sound complicated, but at heart it is a simple, yet beautiful, offering.

Sinz And Frenz has appeared on a recent IDHAS 10 Song Mix and the blend of Country and Southern Rock caught many's attention.  St Teresa edges towards a West Coast vibe with a big chorus. The Creeper is a bit Tom Petty goes Country and adds some great Vocal harmonies.

Bloomin' Too is not necessarily the sort of thing that riff loving IDHAS followers would go for, but it is a splendid listen. Too few do this kind of an album and probably no one as well as Futurebirds. The addition of Carl Broemel seems to have smoothed the sound. Top Notch,

The album is available to listen to and buy everywhere. Plenty of links can be found here.


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