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Tuesday, 4 October 2022

Beddy Rays - Beddy Rays


The Australian Music scene appears to be revitalised over recent years, particularly Indie wise  and it is an absolute pleasure to witness. Through Pop, Rock, Psych and more, there hardly seems to be a week that passes by without some new discovery.

Beddy Rays are from Reddington Bay in Brisbane, hence the relation to the band name and the quartet specialise in splendid Indie Rock. It is a brand that is delivered at pace in an up and at 'em manner. Their debut album is certainly ear catching.

The band have been labelled Punk a fair bit, which I don't necessarily see, although I do see a little of Green Day in them, particularly in their ability to encompass different genres, the album sounds far more bombastic, much more Rock and if a band like The Killers can take over the world, then there is no reason why Beddy Rays can't. 

This is full on riff assault, loud and proud and unlike many bands of this genre, they thankfully don't want to show their soft side with strategically placed moody ballads. Only Brin's song brings down the pace and that is beautifully done.

Every song just blasts in getting to the big choruses as soon as is humanly possible. Feels Nice is nice and sleezy, close to Power Pop and at times they can get a little Garage Rock. Handful also gets a little Replacements-ish.

At other times, the album feels a little Hair Glam. Some of the Guitar solos are immense. Don't expect to sit back and listen, you'll be shaking your fist, doing air guitar solos and singing along. Beddy Rays have offered up a refreshing change and an album that you don't wear headphones to. 

You can listen to and buy the album everywhere. The full album is also available to listen to on Soundcloud here.


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