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Wednesday, 4 January 2023

Richard Öhrn - Sounds In English


Imagine that Shindig wasn't a magazine. but an album. This album wouldn't be a million miles away from it. Sounds In English is very 60s in sound and feel. Sounds In English doesn't want to rock your socks off, it wants you sit in your easy chair and admire its beauty.

Richard Ohrn is noted as the Guitarist in Sweden's excellent Power Poppers, In Deed. but don't expect chiming guitars here. This beautifully plated and arranged Pop, be that Baroque, Psych, Beat or Folk, it is absolute joy and may very well be Big Stir's best release yet.

For all the different routes taken, it is the most straight ahead song that has the most appeal. Take This Bottle is great Pop with a big Jangle and a massive chorus. There's a little 80s Elvis Costello in the vocal and the piano run is reminiscent of the Costello and Nieve shows.

But there is everything here that you could possibly want. The jazzy Every Shade, the drama and melancholic The Coolest Manners, the Psych Pop of Seal Your Move. Could Have Loved You More edges towards Country early on with a fine drum shuffle and breaks out into Bacharach Brass.

Someone To Forgive You is a great Example of laidback European Pop whilst sounding Carl Wayne at times and containing a hypnotic acoustic riff. 5th Month Announcement is top of the bill Folk whilst I Chose You comes over all Long John Baldry dramatic.

Spanish Moon has a big Baroque Pop intro with a Jeff Lynne like restrained vocal. I obviously know my Big Stir, but I can tell you that Sounds In English was my biggest surprise yet. The album is magnificent, beautifully arranged, sung and performed. All I can say is Wow!

You can listen to and buy the album here.


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