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Wednesday, 4 January 2023

The Amplifier Heads - Rectifier


Sal Baglio certainly keeps himself busy, he's everywhere, but it is in The Amplifier Heads that he seems happiest. He knows his audience and offers up both the expected and unexpected. This is the fourth album in four years and seems a little shorter than usual, but is as excellent as ever.

He has a Rock And Roll Radio reputation for loud riff driven songs that translate so well live, but that is only part of the story as every album steps into unexpected directions and Rectifier is no different, it is very diverse.

You want gutsy Guitar Rock, you get it. The likes of Underground and in particular, Rock Rules get those bones shaking, but the other directions are even more interesting. Tape Deck is great Blues Rock with Glam overtones.

Maniaxe is a heavier take on UK Glam Rock with an absolutely killer chorus, a little Sweet without the high vocal accompaniment. Space Cadette is very UK Beat and Zombie Beat is a real rarity, a Baglio Ballad that has a wonderful melodic Guitar solo.

Then there is Monsters, something really different. A slow brooding verse leading to a doo wop chorus an a short snatch of Brian May like Guitar. Headhunter is a jaunty "all together now" affair, stripped back and very effective.

Sal Baglio is a Boston stalwart that at times gets stuck with a really unfair up and at 'em reputation. The variation here should finally dismiss that reputation. Of course he can Rock, but there is also a gentler side and his songwriting stands up as well as anyone.

You can listen to and buy the album here


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