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Monday 16 January 2023

Catch The Breeze - Into The Wide


The Danish Trio Catch The Breeze seem to have been lumped in with the shoegazers, a hip place to currently be, but I don't hear at all. Their second album, Into The Wide, is much more of a soundscape that has more in common with Psych.

The rhythms at times are almost Prog. It is a long time since I've heard a rhythm section so tightly connected. Unusual Drum Patterns are linked to driving Bass riffs allowing the Guitar to build the sound, at times hypnotically. This album may be more about a vibe and a little Space Rock on occasions. 

As well as providing this six string cinematic sound, Aage Kinch is the vocalist and that is where the album takes on yet another direction. Kinch sounds more like Berlin Bowie or David Sylvian and this allows the material to take on an even greater dimension.

The Guitar is largely riff led, imagine U2's Edge going Psych and that has a mesmerising effect that washes completely over and around you. It is a strange yet wonderful feeling. Although these are ten individual songs, the album is more of a whole 43 minute piece and it seems unfair to single anything out.

I've been thinking of previous listens to compare the band. I was once entranced by Masters Of Reality live and taken by how their live performances were so different to the albums. Catch The Breeze remind me of that live version and I definitely hear Mew a little in them.

This isn't an album for pop pickers. It is Rock, but probably not as you know it. I can't emphasise enough how addictive the Rhythm combination is. If you love your music, have a Psych or Prog bent or just like to discover something different, this is for you. It certainly is for me, I love it.

You can listen to and buy the album here. You can find out more about the band here.


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