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Wednesday, 4 January 2023

Babe Rainbow - The Organic Band


Byron Bay's Babe Rainbow have a much bigger following than those we normally cover on I Don't Hear A Single, but The Organic Band is such a great album and allows us to show other interests and confirm that we are not, as believed by many, to be all about the Guitar.

I, personally, have been listening to so many antipodean delights over the past couple of months that it just underlines how the streets here in the UK are filled with tumbleweed. Over here, we really do need to have a big talk with ourselves. 

There is Guitar here and some stunning Bass lines. There is also some incredible drumming, at times almost Jazz Rock, but the vibe is very Psych Pop. Pop Psych would be more apt. The quartet though mix things up without ever breaking out. 

The laidback, even lazy, vocal is wonderfully gentle, but surrounded by incredible genre defying instrumentations and arrangements. The Guitar and Organ on Mediterranean is completely addictive, but it is the ability to know who they are and yet move the music in different directions that is most impressive.

Mediterranean is wonderful Pop, Naxos fantastic Jazz Pop with the incredible rhythm section in full flow. All The Power is Screamadelica Dance and Wild About Harry is a cross between West Coast Psych and the Easy Listening 60s.

Easy to listen to, yet complicated. Chilled out, but melodies that hook your pop sensibilities. The Organic Band is a Tour De Force. Babe Rainbow are a band that are still at the top of their game, five albums in. A band that are not stuck on computers, but can actually play their instruments. What a superb album!

You can listen to and buy the album everywhere. You really should do one or even better, both.


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