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Friday, 27 January 2023

Listening To This Week


I Don't Hear A Single largely caters for Album Reviews. Individual Songs don't get much of a look in. There is the IDHAS 10 Song Mix that is really popular, but Mixcloud have recently restricted how many mixes are archived. So I was looking for a way to let you know about songs we like on a weekly basis.

I think many of you know that I don't use Spotify or Apple Music etc. You Tube isn't ideal for anything much and a self compilation raised copyright problems and piracy. So I thought this weekly feature may be the best thing to tell you about these songs. Some may be included on future IDHAS 10 Song Mixes, but so much fights for this space on that.

This feature is solely for submissions, not the usual stuff that we dig out ourselves.  Please investigate the artists further. 

The Housing Crisis - Astral Appartments

Apollo Ghosts - Gave Up The Dream

Mother Sun - Blue Dream

Nothing But A Nightmare - Baggage Claim

Bar II - Wake Up

Friendly Antenna

Plasma Canvas - Election Year Relapse

Home - Sun To God

The Habit Of The Rabbit - Watching The Sunshine

Jud Benner - Salt Water Skin

The Peregrine Dives - Left On Massard


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