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Thursday 19 January 2023

IDHAS Top 100 Albums Of 2022 : A Quick Update


Compiling this year's Best Of has been the hardest since it began. The standard is so high, that I could have extended it to a 150 or even 200. However, the intention was always to stay with 100 Albums as that is more than enough to keep people interested. 

It is hoped that the usual format of counting down in groups of 10 with posts that provide links to the IDHAS Review and a track off each album, that people remain interested. I believe just producing one long list doesn't do much for the artists, although one is posted at the conclusion for those that prefer that.

The quality of the year has meant narrowing down the choices has taken much longer than usual. The long list is now down to 122 from over 250. It is intended to be narrowed down to a 100 tonight and then the order is decided tomorrow. If enough progress is made 91 - 100 will appear tomorrow.

There will also be some smaller categories for the first time. After the Best 100 is announced, there will be a Top 10 EPs Of 2022, along with a Top 5 Reissues and a Compilation Of The Year. EPs in particular is something we should have done before.

I am currently also compiling the latest IDHAS 10 Song Mix which will feature only 2023 releases.


  1. So far, I really like the beautiful logo at the top of this.

  2. Looking forward to it! Thx.