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Tuesday 24 January 2023

I Don't Hear A Single Albums Of The Year 2022 : 31-40

This year, the standard has been the highest since IDHAS began six and a half years ago. Narrowing things down to this 100 as been really difficult. For each album, I've posted a song from it and a link to the IDHAS Review where you can find further details and how to listen or buy the album.

A reminder that anything reviewed on I Don't Hear A Single is highly recommended. 

No 31 : The Bye Bye Blackbirds - August Lightning Complex    IDHAS Review

No 32 : Emperor Penguin - Sunday Carvery        IDHAS Review

No 33 : The Summer Holiday - Acqua     IDHAS Review

No 34 : Andy Bopp - An Andy Bopp Compilation          IDHAS Review

No 35 : Elvis Eno - A Startling Realization Of The Obvious     IDHAS Review

No 36 : Whelligan - In The Mean Meantime      IDHAS Review


No 37 : Phil Yates & the Affiliates - A Thin Thread      IDHAS Review

No 38 :  Derrero - Curvy Lines    IDHAS Review


No 39 : Librarians With Hickeys - Handclaps & Tambourines   IDHAS Review 

No 40 : The Glad Machine - Hey       IDHAS Review


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