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Saturday, 7 January 2023

The Genuine Fakes - Extended Play Vol. 3


Stockholm's The Genuine Fakes are now in their 13th Year and do what they do incredibly well. Their last full album was 2018's excellent Issues which was deservedly in the IDHAS Best Of Year. Since then its been more than welcome EPs

They frequent a land of 90's Pop Rock, think Not Lame and when MTV played Guitar Pop. The 90s were the last great decade of Physical Sales and maybe even Radio and The Genuine Fakes have it down to a tee. 

These are songs of great melody and harmony, beautifully performed and its no surprise that they get very Jellyfish on the slower We're All We Need. Elsewhere, the pace is faster and the songs chirpier, especially on the "all together now" of Two Fine Lovers with some splendid harmonies.

The Receiver is a little more Power Pop, even a little bit Sloan with a killer chorus. The band even get more fuzzy and jangly on Gigatonne when they sound particularly American. All four songs more than make the grade as ever. Here's hoping that 2023 brings a new album because this is the sort of joyous music that we all need more of.

You can listen to and buy the EP here.


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