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Monday, 26 March 2018

Word Up

It has been quiet here lately, Review Wise, that's because there's been lots of working in the background. The Reviews will be coming at you thick and fast from midweek and all through Easter. Meanwhile, I can now tell you about the first of the new things in the IDHAS related world.

Next week, we begin a second Radio Adventure. The I Don't Hear A Single Radio Show remains as is, the new addition is very different to that format. These are some of the way it differs :

It's 2 Hours long.

It's fortnightly.

The Music selection will not only be the new, but plenty of the old. Still Unappreciated Artists, but I will be raiding my archive.

There will be chat. As well as Intros to songs, there will be talky regular features, serious and humorous.

There will be Interviews.

There will be regular Artist Sessions.


There will be Guest Presenters and Regular Contributors.

Look out for future teasers on here, Facebook and Twitter. In the meantime if you would like to appear on nthe show, please get in touch via the various ways you can e-mither me as shown on the I Don't Hear A Single Blog Front Page.

More details will follow very soon.

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