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Monday, 10 February 2020

Ages And Ages - Me You They We

A couple of years ago, I marvelled at they year that Detroit, Michigan had and 2019 seems to have been Portland Oregon's year. Hot on the tail of Norman's IDHAS Album Of The Year, Ages And Ages keep the quality count high.

I'm a little late to the party here as Me You They We was released in April last year and it is the fourth album, but the first since a certain Orange figure appeared in the White House and it shows lyrically. This isn't about Making America Great Again, it is more about the country losing its values and heart.

Hear at IDHAS, we have a real feel for great pop bands with biting lyrics and Ages And Ages fit the bill completely. Indeed at times, there is a real UK Dream Pop feel to the band, the vibe is certainly gentle compared to the venom in the words.

There is also more than a hint of Psych at times and certainly, West Coast Pop. Previous albums have edged on Folk, here there is far more pure Pop. All The Sounds Of Summer is a great song, big harmonies with a Bacharach beat.

Hiding Out could be something released on the Subjangle label and you can almost hear the weeping on Day From Night. But is the straight ahead Pop that works best, the sound is very Un American, more UK and European.

Songs such as Way Back In and How It Feels hit the mark, but all 10 songs pull their weight. Special Mentions must go to the Beach Boys feel of Just My Luck and the way Unsung Songs is transformed by a superb Guitar Solo. Great Pop! Great Album!

You can listen to and buy the album here.


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