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Tuesday, 18 February 2020

I Don't Hear A Single Audio Extravaganza Volume 91

Welcome to the 91st Edition of the great I Don't Hear A Single Audio Extravaganza. 24 songs which unusually include 3 archive tracks. See if you can spot them.

A reminder that these episodes are compiled with great care. The aim is to produce a sort of mix tape. Hopefully this will be the soundtrack to your day. I've also learned that if you use the Mixcloud player at the bottom of this page, each song title is shown as it plays.

Thanks as always to Jim Moody for his technical excellence. You can listen to the previous IDHAS Audio Extravaganzas on Mixcloud here.

Here are the contents of Volume 91 :

01 Shonen Knife - Buttercup (I'm A Super Girl)
02 Dinky - Jennifer Against The World
03 The Society Of Rockets - Failure Industry
04 A Girl Called Eddy - Someone’s Gonna Break Your Heart
05 Open Sound  - Thinking Of You
06 The Bitter Springs - Men Behaving Badly
07 Matt Megrue - Afterglow
08 Greg Dayton - Falling Fast
09 Upset - No Exit
10 Sparks - Armies Of The Night (UK Album Version)
11 Answering Machine - Bad Luck
12 Loose Buttons - Home Movies (Let Down Lately)
13 Cherry Parke - Captain Bullseye
14 The Glad Machine  - Virginia
15 Ages And Ages - Just My Luck
16 Elettrodomestico - Aloha
17 Meseroles - Twin Star
18 Matthew Milia - Attention Students
19 Zebrahead - Shock And Awe By The Sea
20 Baby Scream - Warm Fuzzy Feeling
21 Chris Church - Your Sun Is About To Shine
22 Eamon Ra - Waiting For The Morning
23 Papa Satch - Driving Time
24 The By Gods - PTO

IDHAS Audio Extravaganza Volume 91 Mixcloud Link 

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