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Thursday, 20 December 2018

I Don't Hear A Single Volume 58

Hot On The Heels of Number 57, comes another 18 ace songs to delight your ears. The format is still new songs in continuous mix. No artist intros. I've thought of adding them, but people say they like the hour long no break model. I will sound out people if that needs to change.

Number 59 follows at the weekend, before the traditional two Best Of 2018's next week.

The playlist details are on here and by clicking the Mixcloud tab. You can listen to the previous adventures on Mixcloud here.

The new talky 2 hour radio show starts in January, details will be posted on IDHAS and it is completely different to this. I will break the news of where it is appearing soon.

You can listen by clicking on the link at the end of this post.

01 The Cherry Drops - The Cherry Drops Theme
02 Birdstreets - Carry Me
03 Lowray - Friends And The Fakers
04 The Raving Beauties - Walk In Love
05 Mothboxer - Sunshine Sound
06 Valley Lodge - Come Back To Bed
07 Neil Sturgeon & The Infomaniacs - NY Reflection Song
08 Travis Cormier - Pictures Of Paradise
09 The Persian Leaps  - Time Slips
10 The Bevis Frond - We're Your Friends, Man
11 The Peawees - Leave This Place
12 Sunshine & The Rain - Just The Way It Goes
13 Will Wander - I Love You To The Moon, But I'm Not Coming Back
14 The Gardening Club - Whirled Away
15 El Radio Fantastique - Everybody And Yourself
16 Ace Of Cups - Feel Good
17 Savak - Door Deals & Debt
18 Vennart - Donkey Kong

I Don't Hear A Single Volume 58

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