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Saturday, 22 December 2018

I Don't Hear A Single Volume 59

The 59th Aural Delight is Ready and Willing. to quote Lord Coverdale Of Redcar. No artist intros. I've thought of adding them, but people say they like the hour long no break model. I will sound out people if that needs to change.

18 splendid songs to make your day brighter. A massive thanks to Jim Moody for his superb technical skills, without whom this would not be possible.

The playlist details are on here and by clicking the Mixcloud tab. You can listen to the previous adventures on Mixcloud here.

The new talky 2 hour radio show starts in January, details will be posted on IDHAS and it is completely different to this. I will break the news of where it is appearing soon.

You can listen by clicking on the link at the end of this post.

01 Checkpoint Charley - Facing The Music
02 Plasticsoul - The Ghost Inbetween Us
03 Clockwork Flowers - What's The Matter With You
04 Parks - Sweater Weather
05 Gospelbeach - Change Of Heart
06 The John Sally Ride - I Know, But I Haven't Been Told
07 Summer Magic - Hey!
08 Seabreeze Diner - Shitty Bar
09 Straw Bear - The Healing Of Augusta De La Rue
10 The Genuine Fakes - In Color
11 Emperor Penguin - Shaking Spear
12 The Hold Steady - Sequestered In Memphis
13 The Boy Least Likely To - Be Gentle With Me
14 Angelo Gianni (Treadmill Trackstar) - Too Bad
15 The Rambling Wheels - A Hoax In A Box
16 Timmy Sean - In California
17 Dominoe - Irresistible
18 The Midwest Beat - North Country Trail

I Don't Hear A Single Volume 59

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