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Monday 27 March 2023

Listening To This Week


Listening To This Week is now on its anticipated regular Monday slot. 20 Songs this week, so I'll shut up to give you more chance to listen.

We added "Listening To This Week" to I Don't Hear A Single, it was to allow more single songs to appear here as IDHAS is primarily a home for Album Reviews. The IDHAS 10 Song Mix consists of songs that we discover ourselves. 

The addition of something that covered submissions seemed another way to cover tracks as I felt it was impossible to devote Reviews to one song. It was also a way to discover artists that we might have missed and we have. Some of the songs we have published will eventually lead to Album Reviews from the same artists.

So I thought this weekly feature may be the best thing to tell you about these songs. This weekly fayre is solely for submissions, not the usual stuff that we dig out ourselves. This is a fine and varied selection of songs. Please investigate the artists further. All links open in new windows to aid scrolling.

Late Check Out - Neil

Novelty Island - GoGo

Lipstereo - Push The Tide

Rival Waves - Meaningless Chaos

Carrying Torches - Small Talk

Augmented Hearts - Senses

Audio Drones - Technicolour

James Blonde - FOMO

Disconnectica - Somewhere Always

Vallory Falls - Rosie

Ray Romijn - Butterflies

The Underclass - Time and Fate

Wet Methods - Too Far Gone

Adam Camm - Abandoned

Sam Saunders - To Waste All Your Love

Light Atomic - LOVE BOMB

Crystal Ledge - Missing Home

Allapartus - It's Not That Bad

Milktuth - Take Ten

Moses Mikheyev - Whatever You Want (Keeping the Neighbors Awake)

Sadcult - Rain

Jake Thistle - The Dreamer


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