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Friday 31 March 2023

The Minks - Creatures Of Culture


Nashville's The Minks offer up their second album and it a fine listen. There will be lots of focus on Nikki Barber and rightly so. She has a great voice than can cover any genre you name, but this is very a much a band, proved by the variation displayed.

Newcomers would be forgiven, after hearing the title track, that this is gonna be an album with attitude. The song gives a sort of Garbage vibe without all the show off fuzz, but the song switches into a great Psych faze. Motorbike is also sassy but with a more Blues Rock tint. But the rest of the material here appeals to a much wider audience.

Sweet Treat is wonderful moody Americana, almost Country and I've Gotta Fly is even more melancholic, splendidly so. Yet, Take It Easy goes all UK 60s Beat. and Feelin' Good (no no that one) is driven by a storming Bass Line, heading more towards a Classic Rock area.

Another Trip is a little Fleetwood Mac heyday and Lavender is a great closer that builds and builds into a top notch Guitar solo. Berber gives the song everything and more. I'm not sure that the interludes work, they irritated a bit after my first listen as someone who listens to albums start to finish. But that is a minor digression on such an enjoyable listen

You can listen to and buy the album here.


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