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Thursday 23 May 2024

Broken Gold - Wild Eyes


Wild Eyes is a great Rock album, built on a riff and solo looseness that edges between Pop Rock, Indie Rock and Classic Rock. It is a surprisingly laidback affair at times, songs built on a groove, that is nothing like Ian MacDougall's background.

Known more as a Punk sideman or for as guitarist in Riverboat Gamblers and five year spell in Band Of Horses. Those who know of his long history would not have expected an album such as this, it is so damn listenable.

It is an album that engages with some blasting melodic Guitar Runs. It crosses genres, equally Classic Rock, Indie Rock, Southern Rock, even Country Rock, yet still has a charming laidback feel that is part Indie 80s and College 90s.

McDougall is not a natural vocalist, but does an incredibly great job and his voice suits the instrumental atmospheric nature of the arrangements. What may appear one take doesn't do credit to the arrangements. They may appear to be a bit jam like, but they just completely hook you.

Broken Gold are about the band and the locked together nature of the songs. You just become completely hooked in the soundscape. These songs are really well put together and arranged and the playing is exemplary. With that in mind, it is hard to choose individual songs as all are equal to each other.

This is a proper album to be listened to from start to finish and then it ends too soon. Special mention has to be given to the wonderful Little One. A song that sounds UK Glam, yet 80s Rock and 90s College Indie Rock. It is a cracking song on a cracking album.

You can listen to and buy the album here


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