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Tuesday 28 May 2024

Michael Slawter - The Plastic Years


It is great to have Winston-Salem's Michael Slawter back and the explanation why is quickly explained on the opener here, I Got Lost. It has everything that you might want in a song. Opening with a sort of 70s UK Beat Pop, it changes constantly with its New Wave vibe. There is even an ace Psych Pop solo, as if to fully please me.

Little Mind goes the whole Psych Pop hog, certainly instrumentally, yet it also heads into the melodic Indie Rock of the early 80s. Emily Cries also mixes directions with ease, at times early Syd Barrett, yet also a hint of Gilbert O'Sullivan. Instrumentally though, it is based around a wonderful dream like riff, restrained yet hypnotic.

It takes a special kind of talent to mix the genres so effectively, without ever losing the Guitar Pop feel. When the pace slows, the album is just as good. Down To Witness is wonderful gentle Jangle Pop, beautifully sung, a little Dream Pop.

Tie A Ring is great Pop Rock, beautifully constructed, mellow but interesting, again built on a cracking arrangement. It even has a little hint of Prog. Never Win runs Little Mind as the stand out, but is very different, a little more acoustic, a bit more jaunty and incredibly catchy with a killer solo.

My one complaint would be that we don't hear enough of Slawter. His Guitar Shop, Heyday Guitars, obviously takes up a lot of his time. It is a shame, because the world needs more of this intelligent melodic Pop Rock, The Plastic Years simply underlines this.

You can listen to and buy the album here.


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