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Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Best Six Reissues Of 2017

I have always avoided doing Lists. My tastes change daily and to be honest, I'd rather listen than rate. But I agreed to this year and so coming up today are what I would consider to be my favourite 50 albums of 2017. The order might be different daily, but I do think the 50 choices would be there, but perhaps in a different position.

I Don't Hear A Single is really about new albums, so reviews on reissues are generally posted elsewhere. I'm currently considering what to do about reissues. Do I include them on IDHAS, continue to write elsewhere about them or start up an offshoot? The latter is the least favourable.

So before we get on to those 50 albums, here are my favourite half dozen reissues of 2017, all have been featured on here. Links to the reviews of the albums are included.

01 Liverpool Express - The Albums (3CD)

Review here.

02 XTC - Black Sea (2017 Expanded Edition) CD and Bluray

Review here.

03 The Dangtrippers - Days Between Stations (Expanded Edition)

Review here.

04 The Red Button - Now It's All This (2CD)

Review here.

05 Artful Dodger - The Complete Columbia Recordings (2CD)

Review here.

06 The Searchers - Another Night : The Sire Recordings 1979 - 1981

Review here.

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