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Sunday 10 June 2018

Phil Yates And The Affiliates - Party Music!

I'm in far more familiar territory here as Phil Yates And The Affilliates's third album is released on the joyous Futureman Records label. Party Music! is pure Power Pop, leaning a little to the UK New Wave of the late 70's.

I make that reference because although the feel is very jangly and melodic, there are unusual choruses on the likes of Triple Fisting and Nothing Happened. It tends to be a UK thing at times, a slowed down chorus with more words than you'd expect and it works beautifully. The likes of Joe Jackson and Graham Parker do it really well, as does Phil Yates.

Tom Petty is another adept at this and there are plenty of similarities to Yates's vocal, Petty Wise, there's also a hint of Ian Broudie. The Lead Guitar work is exemplary and I'm constantly reminded of Brinsley Schwarz in Rumour mode.

All tnis matters not one jot, because Party Music! is excellent fayre, beautifully written songs with some bitter lyrics dressed up in a sugar coating. One Man's Trash is like a Sun Studio Version of Power Pop.

Drink Myself Blind is all Labelled With Love and Peter Francis Geraci is Clash like until the slowed down Costello like Chorus. It's a belter of a song ending up like a buzzed up Monkees. Bite Your Tongue is a lyrically excellent It's You And Me and It's A Quarter To Three Piano affair.

If you wanted to know what the band are really about though it's probably best with the opener, My Favourite Bag. It's a jangling riff happy wisp of a song, exactly what a great Power Pop song should be. Phil Yates And The Affiliates have offered up a crackerjack of an album. Well Done All!

You can listen to and buy the album here.

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