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Thursday 9 September 2021

IDHAS Ten Songs Mix 7

Because we don't write about singles and individual songs, we wanted to utilise something simple to mention songs that we like until the IDHAS Audio Extravaganza returns.. Hence the Ten Songs Mix thing which will appear weekly. 

10 songs in 31 minutes and 35 seconds. A shortish way to improve your day. This week's Mixcloud link is below and at the foot of the page is the Mixcloud Player which takes you directly to the music. Here is the playlist of the ten songs this week.

01 Kitten Pyramid - Koozy

02 You Am I - The Third Level

03 It's Karma, It's Cool - Coffee Cup Circles

04 Pageants - Please Hurry

05 Bryan Estepa - Back To The Middle

06 Dave Cope And The Sass - The Great Theatre Of The World

07 Tvfordogs - The Last Days Of Rome

08 Tamar Berk- Shadow Clues

09 Ed Ryan - Hollow Man

10 Don Powell's Occasional Flames - I Won't Be Playing Wonderwall Tonight

IDHAS Ten Songs Mix 7


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