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Tuesday, 21 September 2021



Apologies for the lack of reviews and content on here over the past two or three weeks. This has been to due to a hectic period in real life work that has led to a bit of a work and sleep thing. This likely to continue until Sunday when things return to a more moderate pace. 

I will try to get a few reviews up if time allows and compile the ninth IDHAS Ten Song Mix. Please do listen to the current one. It is an absolute cracker and has been flying up the Mixcloud Global Indie Rock Chart. It will take up just over 30 minutes of your time and help people realise the strength of new music out there.

So normality from Sunday, but I can also tell you that October is normally a review per day month. It will be again this month. There are also some exciting plans ahead as the mist of the last year or two, but let's get back to the usual vibe before blabbing on about them.


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