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Wednesday 8 February 2023

Cherry Fez - Honeycomb Tearoom (Name Your Price)


Cherry Fez aren't on Social Media and my usual frustration with this was absent, more of a nod of agreement. Have no doubt, if it weren't For I Don't Hear A Single, I wouldn't be either. It has become a place for people of my age to moan about everything musically. However, Todd Shuster is and he is Cherry Fez with help from guest drummer Mark Hayner.

Honeycomb Tearoom is the sound of London, surprising because Shuster is from Abbington Township in Pennsylvania. Cherry Fez though inhabits both the world of UK New Wave circa 1978 - 1979 and the Beat Pop of the second half of the 60s.

There are some wonderful digressions such as the top notch Psych Pop of It Wasn't Meant To Be. There is a wonderful Jangle that frequents part of the album's excellent Guitar Pop. All 10 songs here are joy filled offerings to lighten the February Gloom.

Scuster's vocal masters the New Wave, but is also gentle enough to nail the slower songs such as the great 70s Pop Rock, B Isn't Sharp And F Isn't Flat. The closer, No Reprise is wonderfully moody and melancholic, it brings tears to the eyes.

It is however that the pacier Pop grabs you most. The Jam with a Jangle on Her Metro Card. The Marquee Mod Pop of No Gift Like The Present which even adds a Country riff. Something Died is all Carnaby Street and Books That No One Read may just be the jauntiest thing that you will all hear this year.

The album is a Name Your Price download, so you can get the enjoyment now.. Just download as this is one of the finest listens that you will find in a long while. A CD Release will follow shortly and I will update this post when it does. I thought this type of album was long gone. Thankfully it isn't!

You can listen to and buy the album here. Some of the Cherry Fez Back Catalogue is at Name Your Price too.


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