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Sunday 5 February 2023

Strange Neighbors - Party Of None


Lyrically, Power Pop is not known for depth. It has progressed beyond I love you, yes I do, you know its true, but not into the intelligent, wit laden realms of the generations below the 60 plus brigade. They compare more with Intelligent Indie whose Guitar Pop has far more gravitas.

A prime example of the new breed are New York City's Strange Neighbors. The quartet produce a riff laden, chorus driven batch of songs that combine melody and a real adeptness in the writing that allows both humour and everyday observations to thrive.

Yes they can rock and do, but the arrangements show creativity and a determination to add diversions, never ever relying on the splendid riff to bring home the message. They are equally comfortable slowing things down as Simple Song more than adequately reveals.

You will have heard Hotline Psychic on the last IDHAS 10 Song Mix, a song that just hooks you. All cynical lyrics with a rapid verse and earworm chorus. Whoa! Is Me as also been a selection on a previous "Listening To This Week" and that could very well be the band's signature song.

Skeleton Boy is an absolute Power Pop gem and would get even greater attention, but for the two aforementioned blinders. It is hook laden with two ace Guitar interruptions. Then there is Window Watching which has a hypnotic rhythm to it and yet another killer chorus. Strange Neighbors could very well become a hi octane version of The Beths.

You can listen to and buy Party Of None here. You can find out more about the band here.


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  1. I am waiting for a better song to stick in my head than "Whoa is Me". There's a lot of months left in the year, but this is a solid contender for "Best song of 2023" so far.