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Sunday, 5 February 2023

The Features - The Mahaffey Sessions 1999


My love of all things Self, drew me to The Features. Finding that Matt Mahaffey and Seth Timbs's label Spongebath Records label, I managed to pick up a copy of the EP around 2001 and the next time, I heard about them they were on Universal and released the Exhibit A debut album.

The band went on to record another four albums before going silent in 2016. Then about a year ago, I heard that this could be released. I had no idea that it existed, although I'm some songs were released on singles or compilations. So this is like heaven to me.

These 10 songs were for the the planned debut album, but Spongebath went to the wall and so the recordings were shelved. Recorded at Mahaffey Home Studio in Murfreesboro, these reveal a splendid Power Pop album with an added keyboard slant.

As soon as you hear the opener, you know that you are gonna enjoy your ride. Serious could be The Cars going Power Pop and that Cars style keyboard is present throughout the album. Kari-Anne has a similar feel, but the keyboard is a little more 60s, although I'm reminded of The Knack.

Armani Suede is Sparks going Funk yet Exorcising Demons is more 60s Beat. Oh My Love is New Wave joy, maybe even a little Steve Nieve Attractions vibe on the organ. Paid To Think is great UK New Wave circa 1978. 

331/3 has a driving Bassline and Dark Room has a real Glam Rock stomp about it. There really is so much to like here. It is an ideal way for Power Pop Forums to talk about the past about a 2023 release. Here's hoping there might be a revival of The Features, it would certainly be welcome.

You can listen to and buy the album here.


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