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Monday 15 April 2024

Listening To This Week Playlist

We normally don't want to go over 30 songs and I don't think that we've ever reached that, although we've been close. So it is with a little trepidation and concern that this week we go with 32. It is largely due to the amount that were Friday releases as we don't add to the playlist until a song has been released.We did consider doing a Part 1 and Part 2, but felt that that would take away the focus of the recommends.

There is a real quality and variety here and so we felt that holding a couple of songs back would be unfair to the relevant artists.  There is no song preference in track order, just what we think flows.  I do hope that you can listen to all the songs across this week. The last listed is as great as the first and you have all week to listen. This weekly playlist is solely for submissions, not the usual stuff that we dig out ourselves.

All embeds open in new windows to aid scrolling. Links to the artists will also appear on I Don't Hear A Single Social Media sites over the next 24 hours. This will help you to discover more about the artists who appear here. Thank you for supporting the new music from Indie artists.

The Gold Watch - Look Out Mars

The Flashpoint Moments - Reclamation

Ex-Giant - Dry Mouth

Tony Billings - Face The Fire (Single Mix)

Goddamn Wolves - Ah, Maria

Fallon Cush - Sweet Johanna

Plastic Tofu - Have Some Faith

The Soods - Astrid (Drive Away Slowly)

The Human Fund - Circa 1994

SMACKBEAT - Last Summer

Little Oil - Fig Leaf Crown

Corella - Lady Messiah

St. Jimi Sebastian Cricket Club - Soothing Nights

Eurekas - While The World Was Ending (I Was In A Rock & Roll Band)

Now Or Ever - Right Things AWAIT

Humdrum Book Club - 1997

Numb - Hello

Talkradio - Down

Oxsener - Disappointed

Jett Rose - YOU

Robbie Rapids - Dream Away (Reimagined Version)

Opt Out - Same Game

Lame Drivers - Become An Island

dapmuzyk - Rapture

Austin McGrath - Getting Real

High Tiny Hairs - Only Lonely

SMOON - So.. Sick

Oli Barton - The Light

Pluto The Racer - I Might Even

Rise Bailey Rise - Poster Boy

The Mosfets - Welcome To The Apartment Jungle

Work Wear - 64


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