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Tuesday 23 April 2024

Mythical Motors - Upside Down World


It seems to be a month of returning heroes and May is gonna continue the trend with albums at the ready awaiting their release dates. So we are catching up nicely due to the amount of albums that will be covered next month.

Matt Addison is certainly prolific, very much like his biggest comparison, Guided By Voices. Hot on the heels of revelling in being I Don't Hear A Single's Best Album Of 2023 with The Sunshine Registry, (Review here), we have another.

That album was reviewed towards the end of last December and within hours, Upside Down World appeared, so I have had a lot of time to get familiar with it and it again revels in its lo-fi glory. It will delight those who know and may his most accessible yet in welcoming new believers.

People have said to me what I think a big studio budget would bring to Mythical Motors, most thinking that the resulting album would be massive.But I'm not so sure if I'd want that. There is a home made charm that makes the material intimate and special and would you want to take that homeliness away?

There is an IRS vibe present on Upside Down World, a mid 80s UK Jangle and even a Psych tinge across the album. It is certainly less Power Pop, more Indie charm as Addison's gentle vocal compliments the inventive riffs and diversions.

I watched Teenage Superstars for the umpteenth time last night and a lot of what Mythical Motors do reminded me of that Glasgow 80s vibe. The album also revels in the say what you want and get off attitude There is no room for extended solos or repeat ad infinitum choruses.

I've deliberately not mentioned the songs here, but have chosen my three favourites. The hope is that you will head off and listen to the complete album. It will only take you 27 minutes or so and your life will be much richer. I'm still not convinced that the world needs cassettes again, but I am not the arbiter of taste.

You can listen to and buy the album here. It is also available on Cassette, so buy yourself a pencil.


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