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Friday 5 April 2024

The Trafalgars - About Time


The Trafalgars may be an Adelaide Trio, but their sound is very Brit. Great Brit Guitar Pop that encompasses 60s UK Beat and Rhythm And Blues, 70s Glam Rock and New Wave and 90's Brit Pop. They are really really good at it.

They've been around for 20 years with early EPs. They've supported acts that are well known to followers here such as Ice cream Hands, Even and The Stems. After a break that extended to a decade, they are back and About Time is splendid.

Songs are a melodic joy, built around big riffs, even bigger choruses and Guitar solos that complete a top notch listen. Whichever direction they take, harmony is dripping out copiously. They don't come up for air often, but don't hit you over the head with a hammer as too many do Brit Pop wise, desperate to be all Oasis cool.

Company Time is all Platform Boots set to West Coast Jangle Pop. She's My Girl is Power Pop with a hint 80s AOR and a whole lot of Byrds Jangle. I've Gotta Know is up and at 'em with its big Who like riffs.  Girl is a cross between UK Beat and top New Wave.

Get You Back Again slows things down with its mix of 80s Pop Rock, 90s Power Pop Revival and its awesome Petty-esque Jangle. Doing It Fine is ace Power Pop and although closer, Live In A Dream rocks things up, there is more than a hint of Psych Pop and a lovely small section that gives a big nod to the early Beatles.

The centrepiece though is the magnificent 6 minutes that is Davey Parker. A real storytelling song in the style of Ray Davies, very 60s, but also very Brit Pop. It opens with a glamtastic riff and unusually for such a long style, it is over way too soon and has a wonderful instrumental close. The best song on possibly the best album that you will hear this year. 

You can listen to and buy the album here. It is available on Vinyl too.


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