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Tuesday 23 April 2024

Your Academy - #2 Record

I loved Your Academy's debut album when I reviewed the 2021 Release. You can read that here. So I was really looking forward to the follow up from the Memphis 5 piece and I am not disappointed in the slightest.

#2 Record continues where the self titled album left off and nails the five piece's reputation. I suppose you would label this Pop Rock, but there are ventures into other directions. The base is very Posies at times, but this time, it is the mellower moments that also stand out.

Our Stars gets very close to Country Rock, yet also edges towards West Coast 70s vibes. Just A Little Time is part Classic Rock, but a big reminder of those great American 70s Pop Rock bands. Wasting Time is a jaunty all together now affair.

B 612 even ventures into a mix of Psych Pop and gentle melodic Prog whilst remaining in kilter with what is around, adding some corking understated guitar and Brass. But there is also plenty of Pace, particularly on the stand out Marilu.

The riff that opens Miss Amphetamine is a bit Pretty Vacant, but soon turns into The Posies territory. My Near Catastrophe puts big feet in modern day Teenage Fanclub land with a big solo. Overall, the album feels a little more restrained than the debut, a little gentler maybe.

However vocally and arrangement wise, the album is bang on. Songs are beautifully produced and performed with the melody washing over you and leaving you feel more content after every listen. #2 Record is a reminder that you don't have to blow the bloody doors off to engage an audience.

You can listen to and buy the album here. The CD is available on the Kool Kat label here.


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