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Wednesday, 24 April 2019

I Don't Hear A Single Radio Show Episode 26 - Highlights Of 2017 Volume 1 (REDUX)

You can call this post the audio equivalent of Dave. A sort of repeat that you want to watch, or in this case, listen to. I was archiving old IDHAS Radio Shows this morning and noted this, one of two Best Of 2017 shows. I have no idea why I didn't do something similar with 2018, perhaps I will.

Volume 1 is well worth revisiting, because it's a superb 60 minutes mix that aurally explains what IDHAS is all about. All 19 songs are corkers and well worth sitting back and having an hour that's well spent.

Volume 2 and all the other shows up to the current No 67 are present on Mixcloud. But for all those who say that all new music is crap, I'd urge you to be proved wrong by this. The link is below.

Here is the playlist :

01 The Sunset Spirit - To Have It All
02 Nick Heyward - Perfect Sunday Sun
03 The Succesful Failures - All Wrapped Up
04 Pink Beam - Wrote Me A Letter
05 Pugwash - What Are You Like
06 Sparks - Missionary Position
07 One Way Ticket - All Change
08 Groovy Uncle - Our Gary's No Fool
09 Cait Brennan - Bad At Apologies
10 Ian McNabb - How She Moves
11 Chris Church - Something Completely
12 The Rationales - Ready To Go
13 The Singles - Sweet Tooth
14 The Stanleys - Amy
15 V Sparks - Death Of A Star
16 The Wild Young Hearts - My Oldest Friend
17 Mimi Betinis - Sound The Alarm
18 Lannie Flowers - Kiss A Memory
19 Captain Wilberforce - The Johnny Depp Memorial Cafe

Mixcloud Link

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