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Friday, 5 April 2019

Paulusma - Somehow Anyhow

I'm a long time Daryll-Ann fan and thought they were my little secret. The development of the Internet exploded that myth and I came to realise that far more than I realised the gem that was this special band. I've followed the solo careers of the two main protagonists since. Both Anne Soldaat and Jelle Paulusma have never let me down.

Although Daryll-Ann revolved around Soldaat's Guitar, the split vocals of the two worked beautifully and Paulusma's voice in particular was sensational. So it's splendid to report that that voice is on fime form for Album Number 5.

Some How Any How offers up a variety of styles, all wrapping around that voice. You only have to get halfway through these ten songs to realise that there is no coasting and no sign of a spent force. In that time, you are taken through a whirlwind of genres, but all remain undeniably Jelle.

The Lou Reed like laidback I See You Through, the Farfisa joy of Singer Without Song, the torch song that is Crying Shame, a real 60's nod. The Cinemascope arrangement of No Harm Done and the references in that song to Major Tom pave the way for the Bowie-esque Say Goodbye.

Then there's the joy of realising that you are only half way through. You still have the moody brooding of Quiet Little Place  and that wonderful Psych Pop of Phones. Droning In Laughter is a sort of Gunfighter Ballad in it's feel.

Somehow Anyhow Rocks, But Gently, with the exception of the freak out that is the aforementioned Phones. Thank goodness for that gentleness. In an age of noise and volume, it's so pleasant to listen to great songwriting and arrangements without all the shredding and chiming riffs. This album is simply wonderful and Possibly Paulusma's best yet.

You can buy the album from the superb Excelsior Records label here. It's also available at all the usual download and streaming places.

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