Tuesday, 2 April 2019

No Win - Downey

At last the debut album from Los Angeles's No Win is with us and it's outstanding. I've seen the band described as everything from Pop Punk to Garage Rock. Ladies And Gentlemen, they are none of those things, this is Power Pop of the highest order.

All ten songs combine to bring this much maligned genre to da kids. Many comparisons can be made from Matthew Sweet to Cheap Trick, Sloan and The Posies definitely spring to mind. But this album stands comparison with any great Power Pop album you want to offer up and if there's one thing I do know about it's Power Pop.

Danny Nogueiras for getting this show on the road and the roster that Dangerbird records has put together is astoundingly good. This is probably my favourite release from the label. I feel like I did when I first heard Ex Norwegian's No Sleep last year and that went on to become the IDHAS Album Of The Year.

Normally, I'd mention a few songs to give you a flavour of the album. I've embedded three here, but I'd urge you to listen to the whole album, it really is that good. Obviously, many will get nostalgic and compare different songs to other artists, but how much space is there to take Power Pop into different directions?

Instead, just rejoice that this album isn't by a band or artist, pre 2000 and already known. It's so refreshing to be able to tell you about a band who make take a genre we love to a new audience. Downey is an absolute crackerjack of an album. You should buy it right now.

You can listen to and buy the album here.


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