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Sunday, 26 May 2019

The Decibels - Scene, Not Herd

Sacramento's The Decibels cap off their return with a splendid new album. Their heyday was in the second half of the 90's and after their 2001 split, you wouldn't be forgiven for thinking that was largely that, bar a few hometown gigs.

However, a highly successful tour of Spain in 2013 revealed that there was a real appetite for the band and led to a proper reunion in 2017 with the eventual intention of recording a new album. The result is Scene, Not Herd.

It's really pleasing to report that the new album is as good if not better than they ever were. Although that Spanish Tour encouraged many to hail them as a great Mod Pop quartet, Scene, Not Herd is primarily straight ahead good old fashioned Power Pop.

After my recent adventures in compiling a couple of 80's things and being awash with the syndrum and that awful dated keyboard sound, it's refreshing to be back on more welcome territory. It's refreshing to hear three minute pop songs in the say what you've gotta say and get off style.

Although the album feels very mid to late 60's UK Beat, those Mod references are few, although All Of Your Lies and It's Not Me are definitely from that mould. There's a great jangle on She Thinks Of Everything and The Truth is very much in The Beat and The Plimsouls territory.

The band feel and sound far more UK New Wave than Californian Pop and they pull it off really well. Riffs are plentiful, harmonies spot on and all this leads to doing what it says on the tin. This is a perfect brand of toe tapping Power Pop.

You can buy the download, vinyl or CD here. The CD is another on the Kool Kat label and continues KK's wonderfully varied 12 months of releases.

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  1. Thanks for the kind words about Scene, Not Herd Don! Really appreciate it.