Saturday, 25 May 2019

Berwanger - Watching A Garden Die

Josh Berwanger's adventures have marked a move from Indie Guitar "Dude" Rock towards a more Pop related direction. The Exorcism Rock album hinted at how melodic he could be, although the Pop seemed to be fighting it out with the Indie sentiments. You can read the IDHAS Review here and the title track is an absolute monster of a song.

The third album again showcased Berwanger's gentler side, particularly on the likes of the wonderful New Guitar. There's also been a reunion tour from the reformed The Anniversary, who were on as great form as ever. There's also been last year's Radar State album, Strays.

Stray was a real rock out and the tie up with The Get Up Kids' Matt Pryor and Jim Suptic provided a great heads down Guitar album that seemed to indicate that Josh was heading back to the riffs. So although I knew Album Number Four would be ace, there's a sense of pedigree now, I was completely taken aback by it's direction.

Watching A Garden Die is released on 28 June and it's Pop Rocktastic. It's a wonderfully laid back affair, you are more likely to hear a steel, rather than a lead, guitar. The album feels incredibly personal and those pop hints are now shouting out to be heard. The album is gentle, less electric, relying more on Piano than six strings.

From the soft psych pop mellowness of Turn Off Your Mind to the hand clapping toe tapping of Bad Vibrations, the album is a revelation. The Acoustic, Even The Darkness Doesn't Know is all Simon And Garfunkel, Long Way Down has a killer chorus and the steel guitar and harmonica of The Business Of Living is a real West Coast is a weeping joy.

Watching A Garden Die is a very grown up affair, I'm not sure all of the kidz will be as mad keen on it as I am. The lack of electric guitar is more than compensated by the pensive heartfelt songwriting. This is an absolute stormer of an album. You can and should pre order it here now.


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