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Friday 27 January 2017

Berwanger - Exorcism Rock

Today was gonna be a version of The Garden Of Earthly Delights, but my concern is that the four artists who appear in that regular column don't get the attention that they derserve, so I've gone for four shorter stand alone reviews.

Josh Berwanger was part of The Anniversary, a great underrated band who developed from something that was more like EMO to Classic Rock. Well Berwanger is his now his muse and they take that Classic Rock and Pop it up considerably. Don't be fooled by the album cover this is great Pop Rock.

The title track, above, starts with a Power Metal riff but advances into a great FM song with a singalong chorus and a great solo from Ricky Salthouse. Rats And Cats is great Power Pop. Booty Shake is pure Tom Petty and Guess You Weren't Wrong could be The Raspberries.

It's the mix of killer guitar mixed with Power Pop choruses that makes this such a fine album. That guitar is much harder than the usual Pop Rings, Chimes and Jangles and that's what distinguishes Exorcism Rock from the every day.

A stomper of an album!!!

You can listen to the album and buy it here. You should do one then the other.

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