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Monday, 16 January 2017

Farewell Milwaukee - FM

Farewell Milwaukee's fourth album is their most accessible yet. That's not to say that what has gone before wasn't. The previous album, Can't Please You, Can't Please Me is every bit as good. FM should allow the band to break away from that Americana / Alt Country label and on to a much wider audience.

A lot of the stuff I listen to is Pop that can cross over into Country, Farewell Milwaukee are coming in the other direction and the melody that has always been present in their material seems so more prominent here. Figure You Out could be something from ELO's Face The Music.

Till We're Afraid and Caught In The Abyss could be Doolin' Dalton Era Eagles. Ben Lubeck's vocals remind me at times of The New Radical's Gregg Alexander and those pop sensibilities can be compared to a Travis or fellow Minneapolis's Semisonic.

I've seen Counting Crows comparisons and I can hear that, but largely Farewell Milwaukee have produced an album that balances their past with what they can become. This is a great "full listen" album that deserves much wider attention.

You can listen to and buy the album here

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