Friday, 27 January 2017

Title Tracks - Long Dream

John Davis's Title Tracks are back after a five year absence. The good news is that those who enjoyed the band's second album, In Blank, will love this, but the jangle is also taken on a pace. It's a cracking example of Jangle Power Pop that is easily at home in any decade from the 60's on.

Easily compared to 60's Beat, The Byrds, 70's New Wave, 80's Postcard, Teenage Fanclub and the poppier side of Brit Pop. I certainly felt the likes of The Bluetones here, even the jaunt of The Housemartins and there's a Psych Pop slant at times that reminds me of 8x8 or The Junipers.

You'll notice that many of my references are UK, you wouldn't necessarily think that the Power Pop Trio are from Washington DC. Long Dream is a really jaunty album, it will make you feel much more chipper, which is all good.

You can listen to and buy the album here.


  1. Great album and a much-wanted return to the clear sound of their debut. Their sophomore effort, In Blank, had great tunes, but a muffled sound that (I think) was intended for whatever reason.

  2. Great comment Barry. I've never thought about the sound on In Blank

  3. i needed to take a minute to thank you for this blog and all the wonderful new music youve turned me on to !!!!!