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Friday, 20 January 2017

I Do Hear A Single Part 1

For those who aren't scholars of the IDHAS Blog, I Do Hear A Single is the Singles And EP's Review Section of the blog. We haven't had one for a couple of months, so the current feature will be a two part affair, each featuring four artists.

Here's the first four :

The Kickstand Band - Summer Dream EP

Michigan seems to be the centre of the Pop world at present and Detroit's Gordon Smith and Allison Young are adding to that reputation with this third Summer EP. The Kickstand Band offer up great dual harmonies to chirp up your life.

The lead off on the Five Track EP is Stay Inside. A great two minute slice of melodic pop. You know our feelings here song wise, say what you've got to say and move on to the next song. The final days of Brit Pop when two minute songs were fleshed out to six are long gone.

The great news is that the EP is available as a Name Your Price here. You can find all the band's back cat there too plus an opportunity to buy the bands three Summer EPs on one CD for 10 dollars.

The Drywall Heels - The Drywall Heels EP

More great pop from Toronto's The Drywall Heels. I've loved all that I've heard from the band this year, culminating in this poptastic five track EP. Great harmonies, the band groove a bit more than hook, but it's really enjoyable listening.

This EP is available as a Name Your Price, so what have you got to lose?

You can listen to and download the EP here.

Red Cabin - Willow Tree / Falling Apart

New York's Jonathan Foster is the man behind Red Cabin.  He writes great Pop Rock that compares well with the mid 70s heyday of the genre. Memorable choruses are the order of the day here. Willow Tree was one of my favourite singles of last year.

The feel at times is Alan Parsons Project without the pomp.

You can listen to the EP and download as a Name Your Price here.

Allen Clapp - Six Seasons

The last of the four is someone more familiar to many of you. Psych Pop genius, via The Orange Peels, Allen Clapp. Six songs of the usual quality, few serve the genre better. simply because of the hooks he provides.

This storming EP deserves your attention.

You can listen to and buy the EP here.

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