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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Calling All UK Bands And Artists

I Don't Hear A Single only reviews what I like. There's no pay to play or any such rubbish, if I like the music, I review it. It's not linked to anything else at Anything Should Happen, it's a stand alone Blog. All it relies on is me discovering an album or it being sent to me.

IDHAS has grown considerably in the six months or so since it started. The big question I have though is where are all the UK artists. Over 90% of artists and bands that I review or talk to are from the States.

I know the world wide web is errrrrrrrr worldwide, but surely there must be similar great music around my home shores. If you think I've missed out on what you do, email me at the Blog Email or via Facebook.

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  1. Don, have you heard Spygenius? They're from Canterbury and have a few records out, including last year's Pacephale, a sweet, jangly, clever concept record that comes with some super cool artwork. Happy to get you in touch. Take a listen here: