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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Caper Clowns - The Buca Bus

It does appear to be Scandinavia week on here, it's not intentional. Add that to the fact that I seem to live in 1975 and we have the perfect album. Odense's Caper Clowns have fashioned a great Pop Rock album.

Although The Buca Bus feels very Summer Pop, with all four band members being songwriters, the album is never samey. Whereas Pockets is great harmonic pop akin to The Legal Matters and The Explorers Club, A Tale of Romance and Magnetic Trains could be Jigsaw.

There's something for everyone here. The Banjos come out and suddenly it's New Seekers Time on All We Ever Do Is Run, yet As The Moment Takes You is pure Psych Pop. Sleeping On The Edge Of The Rainbow could be a Brit Pop ballad, Dressed In Flaws has a real disco strum.

When I'm Alive is pure Roddy Frame and Mirror Me reminds me of Squeeze. What a cracking debut album this is, great singalong pop. The real gem is The Significance Of Teacup which is a cross match of Somerdale and The Monkees.

If you want to hear what a great pop sounds like, you can here.  It's available everywhere to buy, so you can head off to your favourite retailer now.

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