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Friday, 10 February 2017

Hotfoot Jackson - Pestmeester

Stoke's Hotfoot Jackson appeared out of the ashes of All About Eden and they've taken the best out of what made that band work coming up with something less electronic and more Pop Rock. The result is Pestmeester and it's a fine album.

The likes of I Am Water veer well into the Pop Punk Tent. but largely the album hits a melodic riff and sticks to it and that's what makes it work. Anthemic songs such as Last Man Standing hook you and keep you hooked.

I spend a lot of my time telling people that US Bands sound like they've come from the UK. This is polar opposite, very US like, big production, well arranged and lyrically wise. I'm not sure that many others in Stoke would come out sounding like this.

Joyride is Green Day like,, then Beard Boy could be a keyboards version of Fountains Of Wayne. Paper Planes is the big Closer, the vocal is very similar to the likes of ELO II era Eric Troyer. All in all a surprisingly good Pop Rock album. Well worth investigating further. I like it a lot.

You can buy the album at the likes of Amazon here.

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