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Friday, 10 February 2017

The Wakes - Venceremos

Glasgow's The Wakes are labelled as Folk Punk, you should ignore the label because these guys are much more than that. It always concerns me that as soon as something is labelled punk that the masses ignore it.

As a live act, the band have gained a burgeoning reputation and you can hear why. There's some lazy comparisons to The Pogues, but they are far more New Wave and socially conscious than that. There are times when the Folk takes hold, No Human Is Illegal could almost be Runrig, but largely this is great rock.

The Spirit of The Clash is certainly there, but likewise both popular line ups of Dexys. I Believe could be The Jam, yet the title track could be Big Country. There's not masses of streaming links for you, so I've included the You Tube Promo so that you get a gist.

This is the band's best album yet, it'll keep those who love the sentiments, but it will add those who want a rocking good time. Venceremos is a corking listen.

You can buy the album here and here and everywhere.

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