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Monday 13 February 2017

The Well Wishers - Comes And Goes

Comes And Goes is The Well Wishers' eighth album, none of the previous seven have ever let me down. In fact Jeff Shelton's beginnings in Spinning Jennies started the quality control and now provides a consistently great Back Catalogue.

I always compare The Well Wishers with The Posies. Although there is always going to be a familiarity in what they do and you wouldn't want that to change, it's great that both try to provide something more than just the splendid Power Pop that they offer up.

Whereas 2016 suggested The Posies had bought some new keyboards, it's the production on Comes And Goes that differs. It's far more of a Rock Production, the drums have definitely been pushed forward and it works beautifully.

Songs like Three Nights In Bristol and Nature's Son really rock. Don't get me wrong, there's plenty of the Power Pop we know and love and quieter moments like the REM-ish Nobody's Dancing Alone. There's even nods to the likes of Aztec Camera on In Love With.

There's a definite up and at 'em feel to the album, but like any Well Wishers' album, any of the 12 songs could be released as a single. My preferences are the likes of Ill Equipped and Get On By which move at a fair pace.

The gem though features a guest appearance from the wonderful Lisa Mychols. Comes Around sounds like something that could be on REM's Out Of Time. I know any Jeff Shelton album is gonna be great, but Comes And Goes could very well be his best.

You can listen to the album and buy it as a download or on CD here.

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