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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Nightmen - Fifteen Minutes Of Pain

I'm a great believer that albums should say what they want to say then do one. I know this can seem contradictory from a big Prog fan, but I'm reminded of the back end of Brit Pop when 12 songs became 60 minutes plus and featured three minute ideas extended to seven by never ending chorus repeats or monotonous guitar outros or worse still, two minutes of la la la's.

None of that from Malmo's Nightmen. 12 songs, 26 minutes and a thoroughly good listen. There'll be plenty of Ramones comparisons, but so what and the alternate male / female vocals work as they break up the album even more.

In between the Garage Rock, there are absolute gems like I Only Want You with it's Power Pop chorus and organ runs. The Three lead vocalists things works. Smulan comes across as half Patti Smith, half Lene Lovich on Go Go and Beach Party. Lucky One though is more early Blondie.

There's a real CBGB's feel but enough variance to keep you hooked. It is all a bit heads down, but smatterings of nods to the likes of Lou Reed, Talking Heads and even Buzzcocks make this a really enjoyable album.

I'm really looking forward to the follow up in April. You can listen to and buy Fifteen Minutes Of Pain here.

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