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Friday 3 February 2017

Justin Levinson - Yes Man

Los Angeles based Justin Levinson offers up his fourth album and it's very much the Breezy Summer Pop that we love. There will be obvious comparisons to the likes of The Beatles and The Beach Boys, even The Zombies.

However to these ears, comparisons are more apt to the likes of The Explorers Club and The Legal Matters. The harmonies and hooks are all present, the main difference is that the songs are more piano led, so Ben Folds springs to mind, also a happier Rufus Wainwright.

Although very much set in 60's Pop, songs like Megaphone are more in line with the likes of John Howard, particularly his 70's output. There's also hints of Jellyfish, but if you read most Pop Reviews, Jellyfish get mentioned somewhere.

The album certainly reminds me more of one of those great post Glam pop rock albums of the 70's. It'll not provide anything new to people who don't listen to Pop, but there are a lot of fans out there who love harmonic pop. I'm one and in these uncertain times, reminders of summer are more than welcome.

I like the album a lot. You can buy the album everywhere, here's the Amazon link.

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