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Friday, 10 February 2017

Sunshine Bloom - Power Pop Is Dead

Let's hope Power Pop isn't dead or I'm out of a job. Birmingham's splendid Sunshine Bloom have fashioned up a fine five track EP, their second. Any band that covers 10CC's Rubber Bullets live are more than welcome in this district.

I get as tired of Jellyfish comparisons as all of you, but the opening song, Friends With Detriments, comes pretty close. Jaunty harmonic pop  is the name of the game and this EP promises so much for the future.

I have long been involved in promoting great lost albums and bands and some of you will know that I have Trickster down as one of the great lost bands of the 70's. Well Sunshine Bloom remind me so much of Trickster and in particular their debut album, Find The Lady. I can give them no greater compliment.

There's also plenty here to remind me of Silver Sun, Ben Folds and a lot of the better Brit Poppers like Straw and The Supernaturals. I Me You is very 10CCish and Have Wings Will Travel could be one of those great 70's like Pilot, but again I come back to Trickster.

The real gem though is the closer and this reveals the further directions in which the band can travel. Farewell Waltz is a 5 minute plus brooding joy, it conjures up images of a John Miles's Zaragon and threatens to veer into Prog. It is the best thing that I've heard in ages.

It's not often that I get excited, it isn't good for me ha ha. But The Power Pop Is Dead EP is a real gem of a release and I can't waut for what the band offer up next. Have Wings Will Travel is the most played thing on my ipod in the past fortnight.

You can listen to the EP here.  Now the fantastic news. You can currently get the EP as a free download in MP3 or FLAC for a limited period. You should head there now.

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