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Tuesday, 17 November 2020

Foxycontin - This Time You’re on Your Own


Foxycontin are a long established quartet from Philadelphia, but their debut album could easily be the sound of London or even Canvey Island in the back end of the 70s. There isn't anything complicated here, just good old fashioned New Wave Guitar Rock.

Quite often, I'm reminded of a more melodic Dr Feelgood. To some, it may seem that five of the dozen songs here being covers may show a lack of song writing depth. But I don't see that at all, their inclusion gives the impression of a live set and you can bet that their actual live set is a sweaty rocking joy.

These covers are not obvious ones with perhaps the exception of Fred Neil's well worn The Dolphins. Included is a faithful cover of Nick Lowe's Heart Of The City and a wonderful sped up, Punk cover of Sweet's Little Willie. 

I'd also add that the seven originals are the most interesting songs here. Most are very UK New Wave and all are sing (or even shout) along. There are welcome reminders of a Steve Nieve's Organ run on the title track.

Fine.Fine! is a cracking slice of R and B and Alive In Interesting Times is a Garage Rock mix of The Figgs and an 80's sleazy Glam Metal band. But You'll Never Listen is so Elvis Costello And The Attractions and even incorporates a brass section.

The Whole World Knows I'll Never Get Over It Now borders on The Knack. It's Starting To Show is a cracking New Wave Anthem, everything in the song is in the right place. It is almost The Rumour. Foxycontin have conjured up a no thrills album, full of melody and that is tightly played. It is a cracking listen.

You can listen to and buy the album here


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